This series of marine creature strawberry mochi good luck charms from Pobot keep a hold of your keys as they chomp down on delicious daifuku sweets.  

Marine Creature Strawberry Mochi Charms

It would appear these gluttonous creatures have eyes (and mouths) bigger than their bellies as they struggle to gulp down one of Japan's favorite glurinous sweets: strawberry daifuku.

Daifuku are mochi (sweet rice cake) dumplings stuffed with traditional sweets such as anko (red bean jam) or black sesame paste. The word “daifuku” translates directly to “great luck”, so it's no coincidence facsimiles of these tasty treats do double duty as good luck charms!

Marine Creature Strawberry Mochi Charms

Designed by Pobot and distributed through Qualia, each member of the series consists of a body made from non-toxic, low-phthalate ATBC-PVC (acetyl tributyl citrate in polyvinyl chloride) plastic. A sturdy metal ball chain attached to the rear allows for use as a key chain or a mascot charm that can be fastened to zipper pull tabs.

Choose from Great White Shark, Whale Shark, Orca, Beluga, or Dumbo Octopus. While their bright contrasting colors will help ensure you never lose your keys, we can't promise you'll resist the allure of delicious strawberry daifuku! For more information, please visit the product page at Qualia.