A sweet-toothed troop of monkeys in Lopburi, Thailand, was recorded robbing durian fruit from the open bed of a pickup truck stuck in heavy traffic.

Marauding Monkeys Pickup Free Fruit From Thai Pickup

When you live in Lopburi (a town in Thailand known as “The City of Monkeys”), getting mugged by the local Crab-Eating Macaques (Macaca fascicularis) kind of goes with the territory.

Hundreds of the long-tailed primates live in downtown Lopburi, where residents have learned to deal with their ever-present hunger and never-present respect for private property.

Marauding Monkeys Pickup Free Fruit From Thai Pickup

Most residents, that is... and the owner/driver of one particular gold-painted pickup truck just learned a valuable lesson the hard way. As this very short video from ViralHog shows, keeping edible food uncovered in Lopburi is the best way to lose such food.

It doesn't help that the food in question is durian, known for its eye-watering pungency, or that the average daytime high temperature in Lopburi is over 90 degrees F for eleven months of the year (in December it “only” averages 89).       

Monkey Festival in Lopburi

Don't feel too bad for the monkeys, who are regularly fed by city workers twice daily at three designated spots to prevent them from attacking people. The critters also get their fill of free food during the annual Monkey Festival held in Lopburi each November.

As for the fruitless truck driver, no doubt he'll be covering his cargo in future to avoid having it er, monkey'd around with.