It happened a number of years back in Melbourne, Australia, when a cow accidentally knocked farmer, Noel Osborne, into a pile of manure, the impact which shattered one of his hips. His goat, Mandy, saved his life by keeping him warm and allowing him to drink her own milk for sustenance.

A Typical Day On The Farm Turns Deadly

Seventy eight-year-old shearer/farmer Noel Osborne was attending to chores on his remote property when suddenly he found himself injured and unable to move. One of his cows had accidentally knocked him over into a pile of manure where a shattered hip rendered him unable to move for five full stormy days and cold nights. For the duration, he yelled out for help, but no one, save Mandy the goat and his collie, also named Mandy, could hear him. (See: Sako The King Shepherd Protects Owner From Coyote Attack.)


Mandy The Hero Goat

By night, the goat stayed by his side, kept him warm and offered her own milk for nourishment while Mandy, the Collie, curled up beside him and brought hm gifts of old bones and loving licks to his pained and anguished face.

In Osborne's own words:

"That first evening the goat came and I was able to get hold of an old bottle and milked her into the bottle and I was able to have a drink. She slept there beside me every night I was there." (See: Speedy The Goat Save Family From Fire.)

Eventually, help arrived in the form of friends who came to the farm to pick up a kid goat and the story of  sweet Mandy the goat spread like wildfire.

 All's well that ends well.

 Good job, Mandy!

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