When it comes to your own little one's birthday you want to make it
special in any way that you can. Of course you must have the traditional
cake, but gone are the days of plain candles or the candles of
numbers. Try surprising your child with Puppy Cake Candles.

Puppy Cake CandlesPuppy Cake Candles

Each pack contains six adorable candles. From customer reviews it sounds like these candles easily last through a chorus of Happy Birthday. That means that you might be able to reuse them a second time. Yay! And you don't have to use them only for children. If you are of the ilk that celebrates dog birthdays (and I know you are) then these candles can be used in doggie cupcakes as well. Then you could sing a round of Puppy Birthday. HA!

To order a set of Puppy Cake Candles for your next birthday bash, click here.

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