Cats love being nice and toasty warm. With the Jolly Moggy Bamboo Radiator Bed they can be warm and cozy all year 'round.

 Jolly Moggy Bamboo Radiator BedJolly Moggy Bamboo Radiator Bed

The basic idea of this bed is that you hang it from your radiator so that your darling moggy (kitty) has the best spot in the house to stay warm all through the winter. If you don't have a radiator then the bed can hang from railings, bed frames, couches, chairs, or any other number of places that you may have available in your home.

The bed is made from bamboo slats and eco fiber for sustainability. On the inside there is a nice, comfy, furry cushion that is just right for a private snuggle. With three openings your cat can hang out (literally) and keep an eye on things as well.

To order a Jolly Moggy Bamboo Radiator Bed for your best furry friend, click here. If you live in the U.K., click here.

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