This just out! A convenient way to store and pour cat litter without making a mess or breaking your back: the PetFusion BetterBin Portable Litter Storage Bin.

PetFusion BetterBin Portable Litter Storage Bin

PetFusion BetterBin Portable Litter Storage Bin


Dealing with cat litter, whether it's clean or dirty, is my least favorite part of being a cat mom. If you have a cat, I probably don't need to explain why. Cat litter creates dust, odor, and tracks all over the place. 

But PetFusion, which has made the biggest strides in keeping cat mess contained with its innovative and thoughful suite of kitty bathroom products, has now released the BetterBin which fits right into the now 6-piece suite.

Perfect to hold up to a 25 pound bag of cat litter, the BetterBin is not too large for easy transport from one area to another at 16.5 inches long, 11.7 inches wide and 19 inches tall, and the BetterBin has wheels as well as a handle to take it from place to place. I love this feature, as I would fill up the BetterBin outdoors and let the dust settle there, before bringing the bin indoors to pour.


PetFusion BetterBin Portable Litter Storage Bin

PetFusion BetterBin Portable Litter Storage Bin


As for pouring the ltter into your cat's litter box, the BetterBin has an adjustable spout (see image below) which lets you control the amount of litter (and accompanying dust) that pours it into your cat's litter box. Clever! (There's a short video on the Amazon product link that neatly shows you the contrast between pouring kitty litter from its bag and pouring it from the BetterBin.)


PetFusion BetterBin


And, as you can see, the BetterBin has a secure locking system that 'keeps a lid on things' when other creatures may get curious. 

The PetFusion BetterBin Portable Litter Storage Bin is made of 100 percent recyclable polypropylene, a sturdy plastic that will last a very long time if not abused. The product comes with a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

See how the BetterBin fits in with PetFusion's other 'personal items' for your cat here.


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