The Magic Bear Bell gives hikers a hands-free way to alert bears to their presence on the trail and reduces the chance of a surprise encounter.

Magic Bear Bell Ensures Bruins Know You're Around

It's a hiker's worst fear – turning a corner on an isolated trail and coming face to furry face with a bear! The “fight or flight” reflex affects bears as well as humans, and you never can tell which option the bear you've just surprised will choose. This little brass bell could shift the odds from fight to flight, 'cuz who the heck wants to fight a bear??  

There's really no magic to the Magic Bear Bell: science sez it's the sound that counts. Bears generally seek to avoid humans and the gentle tinkling of this solid brass bell gives the furry foragers a non-threatening notice while preserving the essential peace and quiet of your shared environment.

Magic Bear Bell Ensures Bruins Know You're Around

The Magic Bear Bell was designed by Highmount, a company founded in 1967 whose stated mission is, to quote, “Import(ing) outdoor items and domestic intermediation.” We're not sure what exactly that second part refers to but hey, pretty bell! Speaking of which, the bell is 41mm (about 1.75 inches) long and is suspended from a 71mm (just under 3 inches) long genuine cow leather strap.

A screw mechanism built into the top of the bell's body allows the wearer to reduce the sound level or even silence it completely – a boon to your traveling companions annoyed by your constant tinkling, so to speak. Here's a short video of the Magic Bear Bell in action, bears not included. Ideal for the outdoorsman/woman on your holiday gift list. Please visit the OMG Japan product page for ordering information.