Lykoi cat Brittney Gobble
Image via Brittney Gobble Lykoi Cats Facebook


A new breed of cat has been officially recognized by the American Kennel Club in 2018, even though it's been around for roughly 20 years. The odd looking feline is called a Lykoi, the Greek word for wolf, and it really does live up to its name. If you've never seen one before, which is probable, because most people have never even heard of them, you'll recognize the similarities at once.

Lykoi Breed

The Lykoi, along with two new dog breeds, are the first new breeds to be recognized by the AKC since 2016. It's the Lykoi's unusual appearance that is so striking, because they really do look like a scruffy werewolf. And scruffy is the word for it. They look like a hairless cat struggling to grow a coat, but they are a breed stemming from a natural mutation from a domestic short-hair cat. It's estimated the mutation has occurred in domestic cats over the last 20 years.


Lykoi cat Brittney Gobble
Image via Brittney Gobble Lykoi Cats Facebook

The International Cat Association

Cat fanciers are far more likely to be hip to the breed than other pet lovers, and of course the International Cat Association (ICA) was on hand to welcome the animals' recognition at the event as well. While they have been gaining in popularity in recent years, their new status as AKC recognized will surely help catapult them into the public's consciousness.

Companion Pets

Speaking of the ICA, the breed is now recognized as a Championship Breed by that group. The felines are said to be friendly, affectionate and unchallenging to both their owners and handlers of the animals. These characteristics make them an excellent choice for companion pets, whereas you can't say that about all cats. Some are known for their fussy, finicky, or standoffish behavior. Not the Lykoi, who are rumored to act more like dogs.

Lykoi kittens Brittney Gobble
Image via Brittney Gobble Lykoi Cats Facebook

From the Beginning

If you do an Internet search on the animals, there are a surprising number of images that will come up. In addition to that, you can find a bit on their history, such as they were purportedly first bred for their appearance back in 2010 by veterinarian Johnny Gobble and his wife Brittney, who are also the primary breeders of the animals now.

After viewing them, if you decide you just have to have one, please do your research on the animals to ensure they're a good fit for you or your family — and that includes other pets you may already have in the home.