LuluPet AI Smart Cat Litter Box

LuluPet AI Smart Cat Litter Box


As you may have heard, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was held in Las Vegas early in January. Some years there are a lot of pet products, but from what I've seen there were surprisingly fewer this year. What was included at the show, was the ingenious LuluPet AI Smart Cat Litter Box, and the judges thought it was special too; it received a CES 2020 Honoree Award for its smartness.

(LuluPet is a start-up pet company in Taiwan. Its website is coming soon.)


LuluPet AI Cat Litter Box


It's smart alright. This litter box uses AI recognition technology to know when your cat is urinating and pooping and it uses AI image restoration technology to observe the amount and condition of the urine and poop by observing the kitty litter in the box. 

If you have owned cats, you know what masters they are at hiding their illnesses. It happens that 7 out of 10 serious illnesses in cats can be observed in their waste. No, you may not be able to recognize them when you clean their litter boxes, but the LuluPet Box captures the images and relays them to an instrument that does recognize and identify them, and it also measures your cat's weight - all signs of your cat's health.


LuluPet AI Smart Cat Litter Box


Keeping track of your cat's weight, defecation, and urinating substance and behavior comes first. Relaying that information to you so you can get kitty to the vet when your cat show signs of illness is the whole point of the Litter Box, enabling you to get to the vet in time to treat her at the earliest signs of illness.

Can't wait to see the LuluPet AI Smart Cat Litter Box for sale. It has, at the very least, the ability to lower kitty's vet costs, and at most, the potential to save your cat's life.

Stay tuned. I'll let you know when and where it can be purchased in the U.S.


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Sources: PR Newswire, CESPhotographs via Gizmochina


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