Though I enjoy many visiting birds year-round, they just eat and run (well, fly). They don't take advantage of any of the wooden birdhouses that are hanging from my backyard trees. 

I came to the conclusion, that the finches and sparrows, though they may need protection and warmth, don't like living in painted and shellacked wooden houses. Maybe they would prefer something cozier and more natural, like these Lantern Hill Small Bird Roosting Pockets, handmade with natural grasses.


​Lantern Hill Small Bird Roosting Pockets

Lantern Hill Small Bird Roosting Pockets

If I were a bird, I would find more comfort in the Lantern Hill hide-outs than in a birdhouse, for sure. Birds are more attracted to natural materials and if these roosting pockets are placed in areas where they normally hang out, they will likely find comfort in them too. Lantern Hill recommends that, if possible, you hang them in areas - low leafy trees, bushes, or eaves - where your small birds (like wrens, chickadees, finches, titmice, and other small songbirds) normally nest and where squirrels and other creatures won't bother them.  Also, don't place the Roosting Pockets where you have bird feeders, as that will make them 'sitting ducks' for predators.

To help your local birds keep warm, you may want to place some freshly cut or brushed animal fur (thick is preferable) or yarn near the roosting pockets, so the birds can pick them up and 'furnish their apartments.' Lantern Hill suggests you cut them to about 2 inches in length. Your backyard birds may just lay their eggs in these pockets!


Lantern Hill Small Bird Roosting Pockets

Lantern Hill Small Bird Roosting Pockets


The size of each pocket will vary a bit because the roosting pocket use natural materials, shaped as nature made them, but here are the approximate measurements of each pocket:


Roosting Pocket with Wooden Roof: c. 7” x 4.5”

Roosting Pocket with Twine Roof: c. 7” x 5” at widest

Small House Roosting Pocket: c. 5” x 4”


Of course, there's something really special for you in these Lantern Hill Small Bird Roosting Pockets. They are hand made and so precious!


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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