dog crawls up on roof for a better view
Check & Nicolas Sharrock


Ahhh, the things our dogs do to keep us safe. Ever on the lookout, ever vigilant, they prowl the perimeters and monitor their environment with more determinedness and enthusiasm than a night watchman. That’s the case for a little dog by the name of Check living in Hawaii, anyway. Being the keen sentry that he is, Check’s what you might call hyper-vigilant. In fact, Check is so dedicated to his job that his family actually had to build him a widow’s walk of sorts, or perhaps a crow’s nest would be more like it, to accommodate his patrolling instinct.

Home Alone

If you’re wondering why on earth his pet parents built him a vantage point commonly associated with great heights, it’s because the first time they left Check unchecked at their new home the pugnacious little fellow managed to climb atop their roof in an effort to catch a glimpse of them. He was obviously not happy about being left home alone, and he managed to scramble up on his own. That’s when the neighbors caught sight of him and called the fire department. Oops!


Dog on a roof
Yup, that's Check!

Rooftop View

“The first day we left our dog alone, the neighbors called the fire department because Check had made his way to the roof to get a better view and see where we had gone,” Nicolas Sharrock told an interviewer. It seems Nicolas’s dad got the call concerning the daredevil pup and was given the 411 on his whereabouts that had prompted what was probably a 911 phone call. Rushing home, Check was brought down safely, but his family knew he’d do it again, given half the chance.

Building a Doghouse

It wasn’t long before the project was underway for a screened in viewing platform with a roof of it’s own to be built right on top of the family home, giving Check spectacular views while providing shade. It kind of looks like a cross between a doghouse and a hen house with the chicken wire and shingled roof, but Check just loves it. Referring to his father, Nicolas explained, “He made a little lookout for our dog so he can see us leave and come home, and so he could hang out up there during the day.”


Dog patrols rooftop
Check up on the roof

Patrol Dog

And hang out he does, constantly. His dad even built a ramp leading up to the new sentry position so the extremely independent Check didn’t have to jump up and down, risking life and limb in the process. Now, how good of a pet parent is that? Check would probably say pretty darn wonderful.