The Lovely Little Kitten Eye Cushion comes in six different cat coat designs, any of which will soothe overworked peepers in fine style. Filled with 150 grams (just over 5 oz) of non-toxic polyethylene beads, this cute kitty cushion is a bean bag with purr-sonality!


Put A Kitten On Your Corneas


The Lovely Little Kitten Eye Cushion measures 29cm (11.4”) long and 14cm (5.5”) wide, excluding the tail. It's covered in soft but durable polyester fabric that's washable, though hand-washing is recommended. The “belly” is covered in soft white plush for the utmost in comfort.

The Lovely Little Kitten Eye Cushion comes in six different designs based on the coats of actual cats. Choose from Black, Japanese Bobtail (tri-color), Tiger, Mackerel, Grey, or Tabby. If your eyes aren't sore, no biggie: just wrap the flexible faux feline around your ankle (or whatever) and enjoy relaxation you can see!



A Cute & Comforting Clingy Cat

It would appear that Felissimo is offering this item as the “Lovely Little Kitten Eye Cushion Collection”, which are delivered to the buyer one at a time over a six-month period. A portion of the purchase price will be donated to the Felissimo Cat Fund supporting the needs of stray and rescued cats.





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