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I love all black cats and kittens. Something about their deep darkness of their fur contrasted by vivid eyes always makes me melt. So when I think of craft projects I want to do, I seem to be attracted to DIY projects featuring black cats. I was looking around for ideas and I found some that I thought were so fun and adorable, that they were definitely worth sharing.

So here are my picks for 15 of the best fun and easy crafts ideas to inspire black cat lovers:

1 and 2. Take Your Black Cat Shopping With These Cute Tote Bags

Becky at The Pink Samurai came up with an adorable black cat bag design that you can make in a few minutes. It is no longer posted, but all you need to do is take an inexpensive blank canvas bag with pockets like this one and then draw a black cat on it, or if you are up for doing a bit more, embroidering a quick cat design.  The Pink Samurai embroidered its bag, but I think a quick sharpie drawing would be just as cute.  

Here's another tote bag design that I think would be pretty easy to use for inspiration.  I love the use of the handle for the tail.  I could not find the original source for it so please let me know if it is yours?


3 and 4. Black Cat Pillows With Simple Embroidery

Woman's Day came up with a brilliant way to take two simple black pillows, and, with a few buttons and white embroidery thread, made adorable black cat pillows in a jiffy. These would be just perfect for Halloween, don't you think?

Here's another embroidered pillow, this time with the shape of a cat's head. Loligo is selling this pillow for £30, but perhaps you could make this yourself by cutting out a black linen pillow pattern and adding embroidery.


5 and 6. Black Cats Mugs With Sharpies

Almost nothing is as easy to DIY as painting a few mugs with Sharpies. Craft Like This had one of my favorite black cat designs (above). I love the use of the mug handle as the cat tail. So clever, isn't it? You should find a mug or two here for your Sharpie design.

There are tons of super easy black cat mug ideas around the web. Here are some of my other favorites.


Black cat mug designs

You can purchase these mugs here, or you can use them as inspiration for your own black cat mugs.


7, 8 and 9. Black Cats And Pumpkin Halloween Crafts



It's hard to think of Halloween without thinking of black cats. Painting pumpkins into black cats seems like an adorable and creative alternative to carving pumpkins.  All you need to do is use some black craft paint and you can have some gorgeous black pumpkin cats ready for your home in minutes.  All You used black cat pumpkins to top some fun candy jars, but I liked the idea of using their black cat design simply as decor for the house.  Sunset Magazine used pumpkins and painted them into black cats to create great looking lanterns. If you want to keep things simple, just paint some pumpkins for Halloween decor using their design for inspiration.

Centsational Girl made a super cute and simple pumpkin cat that you can also take a look at for inspiration; instructions are in the article.



10 and 11. Black Cat Halloween Wreaths

Baby Rabies has a nice clear tutorial for this cute black cat wreath made with a black feather boa. So clever, isn't it?

I thought this black cat wreath created by Little White House is so pretty it could be used all year round.


12. Black Cats Decorative Pillows To Perk Up A Corner


The source for these pillows is Elo 7 but the instructions are not in English. You can find good instructions for making similar cat shaped pillows here


13. Simple Black Cat Sock Creates A Rustic Display

The Fruit of Her Hands came up with a super simple cat sock that is simply adorable. All it takes is a black sock or material you can sew into a sock-shape, and some stuff you surely have around your house. A few minutes for hand sewing the cat features, and you have an adorable item for your home.

14. Black Cat Pillows or Pillowcases

I love this very cute and clever design of a black cat on a black background I saw on Tumblr here. I thought that type of design would look great as a simple graphics on some black pillows or pillowcases.

I found a black cat in the dark design on a pillow on Etsy here by Iddeccor, which is no longer there. If you want to make something similar for yourself, you can just take some black pillows and use a sparkle fabric paint and see what you can come up with. It would also be fun to try it on pillowcases, but you'd have to make sure to use paint is washable like these (read washing instructions on fabric paint).

Black Cat Pillow from IdeccorBlack Cat Pillow from Ideccor

Another terrific black cat pillowcase idea was designed by Cathy and Erika at JunkDrunk.They have detailed instructions here but you will need to have some basic embroidering skills to make these adorable pillows. For those of us without such talent, I think these pillows are a great inspiration for creating a set of your own with simple fabric paint or markers.


15. Wood Block Cats

If you have any skills whatsoever with a saw or know someone who does, these cute wood block cats couldn't be easier. Just find or buy some cheap scrap wood, cut them and paint them black.  Clover House has the detailed instructions for their creation.


It was difficult to decide which of the many wonderful black cat DIY ideas to share here today. Looking at all the clever and cute ideas people have is really inspiring me... not so much to craft as to find more of these wonderful craft ideas to share with you.  So perhaps I will dig around a little more and see if I can come up with even better ideas for next time. Any ideas you have worth sharing?  Share them below!

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