A lost ten-day-old baby elephant is recovering after staff from a number of safari, travel and conservation organizations pitched in to rescue her from a river known to harbor Nile crocodiles.

Lost Baby Elephant Rescued From Croc-Infested River

“Ewaso”, as she's been dubbed by staff at her new home in the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary, began her life roaming the Samburu National Reserve with her mother and extended family group. For reasons unknown, the baby became separated from her mother and was spied running along the bank of the Ewaso Ng'iro river in a panic.

Lost Baby Elephant Rescued From Croc-Infested River

Her plight was noted by staff from the nearby Elephant Bedroom Camp lodgings, who were aware the river was infested with crocodiles known to attack animals who came to the river in search of water. The situation became even more urgent when young Ewaso jumped into the rushing river waters and struggled to stay afloat.

Staffers at Elephant Bedroom Camp lodgings knew they had to act fast if the baby elephant was to have any chance at survival. Ignoring the threat of a croc attack, they leaped into the river and calmly guided Ewaso to shore.

Lost Baby Elephant Rescued From Croc-Infested River

At that point, Save The Elephants, a non-profit organization with a branch on-site in the Samburu National Reserve, was contacted. The exhausted baby elephant was soothed with kind words and warm blankets while waiting for a helicopter to take her to the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary. In the meantime, Save The Elephants instituted a search for Ewaso's mother.

“She is a lovely little character with charisma and spirit,” states a report from the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary. “The other day, when it began to rain she had to be brought inside. She did not like that at all, so she went around trumpeting at everyone. Then, when the rain stopped, she went barreling outside with her keeper.”  Seems like you just can't keep a good elephant down. (via Save The Elephants)