Two-year-old Rottweiler, Loki, is a beloved therapy dog that lately has been wearing a different and very courageous hat as a supply runner for the hard-working nurses at the University of Maryland Medical Center. Read on for more.

Working On The Front  Lines  of The Covid-19 Pandemic

Loki has a ruff  job indeed! She is a front line warrior that supplies hero-healing kits to the hard-working nurses at UMMC. Her owner, Caroline Benzel, a second year medical student at the University of Maryland  Medical Center who could not do her rounds because of the corona virus, redirected Loki's sweet and loving nature from being a beloved therapy dog to a messenger and supplier of good will and appreciation. This comes in the form of special kits containing hypo-allergenic lotion for irritated skin, packs of gum to help with dry mouth, Vaseline, medicated powder for skin irritations, chap-stick and packets of tea and coffee. All the kits have Loki's face on them and contain thank you notes with messages of appreciation for hospital staff during this trying time.(See: Bear The Special Rescue Dog)


Loki To The Rescue
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Loki Spreads The Love

In addition to the University of Maryland Medical Center, Loki also visits three other neighboring hospitals where she and her owner conduct digital dog therapy. In Benzel's own words:

"I will Face-time and Loki will go outside and sit in my Mom's front yard. Then I tell patients to close their eyes and imagine a different scene outside the confines of the hospital. We are sitting at a park and having a conversation so they can hear the birds and see people walking by. So that's kind of how we've been doing it now." (See: Kitty Raises Money For Charity.)

Loki Is A Natural For Hospital Work

Benzel began training Loki when she was 18 weeks old. She acclimated the dog to the hospital environment and patients, and Loki fit right in almost immediately. She has described her pup as a natural for the job she does. She says: "I have never seen a dog that is so empathetic. It's kind of strange. There have been many circumstances at the hospital where she can just read a situation where a patient is in a very bad way or a family member is going though a loss." (See: Dog Attacks  Suicide Bomber.)

Delivering these kits has given Loki a new focus and one that she does lovingly. if readers feel so inclined, they can provide supplies for the kits. Organizers have established a wish list at

Good job, Loki!

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Source: Baltimore CBS

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