Animals and pets occupy an extremely important place in children’s lives. With their fascination about the four-legged playmates and all those bed-time stories where animals play a huge part, it is hardly surprising that early morning conversations are all about their dreams where a dog, cat, elephant, tiger or whale visit!

The following picks for a child’s bedroom are sure to delight them while they are awake too. Often parents struggle with keeping pets out of beds and bedrooms with both the pets and the children conspiring against them. Almost every parent has faced a whining child who wants a dog or a cat or a fish, ‘right now’. Use these product to amuse them instead and have a dog guard your child’s clothes, or accompany them to bed!

1. Doggie Clothes Hamper

There is no escaping dirty clothes with children. Training children to put dirty clothes in a hamper can sometimes be trying. This product is meant to help you do just that. It not only brightens up a room or bathroom, but will sit quietly in a corner collecting all those clothes meant to go into a washing machine.
(Source:  Kids Room Treasures)

2. Doggie Pillow Toy

Making children go to bed is a tad bit easier with their favourite things around. A comfortable pillow may help  keep them in bed once they are tucked in. This Dalmatian version is a unique combination of toy and pillow and for once you can allow children to snuggle in with their pet. My Pillow Pet Dalmatian suoer soft and machine washable! (Source: Amazon)

3. Doggie Duvet Cover

Artist Hannah Melin has certainly captured the fantasy of every child’s imagination with this beautiful duvet cover that has canines all over the duvet cover. You might just catch yourself, snuggling in under this cover with your child. This 100% cotton duvet will really complete the pets theme of that special bedroom for your child. Go ahead, spruce up your child’s room, and let them have a blast with the ever so exciting animals that form the center of their universe. (Source: Land of Nod)

So what you think of these adorable dog items for a kid's bedroom. Do you think your little boy or girl would like them?

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