When you are getting into cooking one of the hardest things to do is
separating an egg. Because of that there have been many gadgets created
to help do that with varying success. This little piggy, called a YolkPig, just sucks that
yolk right up with his snout with ease.


In this day when more people are trying to cut down on the cholesterol in egg yolks this is a handy little gadget. For the rest of us it can be helpful with some of those wonderfully tasty baking recipes that require egg separating for other tasty reasons.


The simplicity of this gadget is beautiful. Just squeeze, aim that snout at the yolk, and release.  The vacuum created just sucks up that yolk with ease. Then aim at the bowl or bag you want to put the yolk in and squeeze again to expel the yolk.


If pigs aren't your thing, there is also a YolkFish available that works the same way.  To order a YolkFish, click here. To order a YolkPig, click here.

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