There are many little piggies out there. They go to market, they stay
home, they eat roast beef -- you know the drill. You may not know that
there is one little piggy that loves to make pancakes. It is the Pig Pancake Pan.

Pig Pancake PanPig Pancake Pan

This pan is a great way to add a bit of something special to a meal -- so it is great for holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries. It has a non-stick surface for easy cleaning. You just pour the pancake batter into the special pig pan and cook until the underside is a lovely golden brown. To cook the other side, just flip the pancake into another pan or griddle.

Pig Pancake PanPig Pancake Pan

With the pancake cooked you have a cute and fun pig face ready for smearing with your favorite toppings. As most people know, it is appropriate to start eating with the ears.

To order your own Pig Pancake Pan, click here. Oink! 

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