Unless you walk your dog on a city street, you may not have enough light to even see exactly where he is. The Dog Tracking Illuminated Leash will follow her closely as she weaves through her favorite spots. Not only that, but this 16-inch leash is retractable!


Dog Tracking Retractable Illuminated Leash

Retractable Illuminating Dog Leash


If you take your dog out past sunset, you probably bring some sort of flashlight with you, but with the Illuminating Dog Leash, you won't need to use one hand to hold the leash and the other to hold the light. The light and the leash are one on this dog leash and, as you can see above, it will illuminate your dog as well as the area around him - up to 20 feet.  The light is operated with the touch of a button.


The handle of the leash is similar to other retractable leashes in that it locks at any desired length at the push of a button but, in addition, it has a rust proof retraction spring and a rubber, non-slip handle.


Dog Tracking Illuminating Leash

Retractable Illuminating Dog Leash


The battery-operated light also swivels on a motion spring that moves in the direction the leash is being pulled.


Illuminating dog leash


Here's how easy the Retractable Illuminating Dog Leash is to operate:



The Dog Tracking Illuminated Leash is available at Hammacher Schlemmer and it comes with a lifetime guarantee.


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