We see your cupcake and raise you a... pupcake! This endearingly (or alarmingly) lifelike Shar Pei puppy cake was created by Li Shawei at her bakery in Kunming, China.

Lifelike Puppy Cake Is Tasteful And Tasty

The cake is roughly puppy-sized – you could hold it comfortably in your palm though we recommend using the “delicious food” paper tray provided by master chef Li Shawei's pastry shop in Kunming, the capital city of southern China's Yunnan province.

Both the puppy cake and its jarringly-labeled serving tray are just a tad disturbing, at least to those not accustomed to having cute l'il puppies described as food, delicious or not.

Lifelike Puppy Cake Is Tasteful And Tasty

But hey – who are we to impose our personal/cultural preferences on what is admittedly a talented work of food art? The internet, at least, has already cast its collective vote: according to CRI/China Plus, “Li and her team have a huge online following for creating impressive customized cake designs.”

Judging from the delighted expression on the face of the customer above, this is one dog-gone dessert that deserves plenty of puppy love. (via Guangming Online)