Would you like to lick your cat? If you can't picture yourself doing that, try the Licki Brush; we've got a video below that shows you how.


Licki Brush for Cats

Licki Brush


If you missed this item on Shark Tank back in 2017, it's just something you have to see. It was developed by a multi-cat owning couple, Jason and Tara O'Mara, who wanted to partake in one of their cats' mutual bonding behavior: licking. Huffington Post called the Licki Brush "the weirdest product in Shark Tank history!"


Licki Brush for Cats

Licki Brush comes in tongue pink and glow in the dark


But licking is so soothing to cats, and the developers suggest that licking cats is also a soothing activity to humans.

The food-safe silicone Licki Brush is held in your mouth by your lips or teeth. (Don't worry; you don't have to stick your tongue into it.) Then, you just move the brush along your cat's head or body in a stroking motion (until you get a stiff neck, I guess).



See how your cat reacts to the Licki Brush. One customer said his cat bit him on the face. Another complained she got a face full of cat hair from it. Most customers, however, say their cats really like the brush, whether it's operated by their owners mouths or hands.

Though some may ask 'Why does this exist?' others are seriously using the Licki Brush to bond with their cats. Everyone seems to be getting a big kick out of it anyway, so it's a great gag gift for a cat lover, if you don't want to take it seriously.

Licki Brush for Cats


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