Levi may be small for a Pit Bull, but what he lacks in stature, he makes up for in courage. He defended his family to the death when confronted with an armed gunman.

Levi Stood Up To An Armed Intruder

A small, older dog with three legs might seem an unlikely hero, but Levi the Wisconsin Pit Bull certainly is one. When an armed intruder dressed in black entered an unlocked back door to Darcy Cherry and Bob Stenzel's home, Levi made it known that the man would have to go through him in order to hurt his beloved caretakers. When the intruder forced the couple to get down on the floor and demanded to know where the money was, the usually friendly dog began barking and growling. The man warned:" Call off your dog or I will shoot him." (See: Kilo The Hero Pit Bull.)


Levi The Brave Pit Bull

              Photo: Angela Mayor / Life With Dogs

Darcy told the local press that she and her boyfriend called out to the dog, but he refused to listen. The agitation in the man's voice told them the barking was clearly affecting his nerves. She tried to reason with the gunman, telling him they were simple, hard-working people who didn't have much money. Undaunted, the gunman coldly repeated: "Call off your dog or I'll shoot." (See: Pit Bull Rescues Baby From Fire.)

Levi  Continued To Bark and Growl

Levi was undaunted, and the gunman fired at Levi before leaving the residence empty-handed.  Luckily for Levi, although the bullet grazed his head and lodged in his shoulder, he made a full recovery. Unfortunately, the gunman was not apprehended and remains at large. Darcy is still incredibly shaken by the ordeal, and worries about the possibility of seeing hm when she is outside her home. (See: Abigail The Pit Bull.)

Levi Has Had More Than One Encounter With Heroism

Levi lost a leg during a family hike back in 2014. The dog toppled over the side of a cliff while the family was walking along the trails above The Devil's Staircase in Riverside Park. He shattered the bones in his right front leg, which had to be amputated. Darcy believes that Levi falling prevented her sons, who were following close behind, from falling as well. (See; Pit Bull Rescues Unconscious Owner From Oncoming Train.)

Levi is this family's hero, and well he should be.

Good job, Levi!

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Source: CNN