You know, being in the dog house is not always a bad thing -- especially
if you are a dog. This fun Plush Dog House comes filled with five plush
dogs for extra fun at play time.

Plush Dog HousePlush Dog House

This plush house is really a carrying case for a poodle, a Rottweiler, a yellow lab, a Dalmatian, and a cocker spaniel. All those dogs mean just more love to go around. It is all made of non-toxic and non-allergenic materials for safe play.

Plush Dog HousePlush Dog House

This toy brings back memories for me of time with my friends Gina and Lisa when we were very little and we would use Danny Boy's dog house as a sort of clubhouse. I'm sure that this dog house would be a bit more acceptable to parents!

For the love of dogs, order a Plush Dog House for your favorite child by clicking here.

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