When summer comes, your hot dog will want to cool off. Rover can make a
real splash in the Bone Pool by One Dog One Bone Enterprises. This
stylin' dog pool is a sure way to beat the heat. One reviewer on Amazon noted that her eight (!) canines love relaxing in this dog pool in the triple-digit Texas heat.The bone-white color of this pool helps keep the water inside it cool.


Dog relaxing in the Bone PoolDog relaxing in the Bone Pool


The Bone Pool is a better bet for pets than a kiddie pool because it's made especially for dogs. In addition to the thematic bone design, it's also made of chew-resistant truck bed liner material. Several reviewers were impressed with the sturdiness of this dog pool. Another great feature is that it is easy to drain.


Bone Pool by One Dog One Bone EnterprisesBone Pool by One Dog One Bone Enterprises


The Bone Pool's dimensions are 66 by 44 by 11 inches -- big enough for a large dog or for several smaller ones.


Two dogs sharing the Bone PoolTwo dogs sharing the Bone Pool


The Bone Pool sells for under $270 on Amazon. Buy one for your dog today, and be ready for summer!




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