When you adopt an animal from a shelter you are giving the animal a
second (or third) chance at life. It is so important to rescue these
animals and those taken in by rescue organizations rather than buying
them commercially that you may want to let the world know with one of
these cute I Rescued My Best Friend magnets. It's a way for you to
encourage others to adopt a rescued animal in the future.

I Rescued My Best Friend MagnetI Rescued My Best Friend Magnet

The magnet can be attached to your refrigerator, car, file cabinet, the inside of your locker, or wherever you have a metal surface to affix it to. Announce to the world that you are a hero to one or more furry beings.  Maybe you can't save the world, but you have done your part.

I Rescued My Best Friend MagnetI Rescued My Best Friend Magnet

As it says in the Talmud, "He who saves a single life saves the entire world." It doesn't specify that the life you save must be human. There is also a good chance that your pet can rescue you, too. That puppy or kitty love can be a powerful thing. 

To order your own I Rescued My Best Friend magnet in blue, click here. To order the magnet in pink, click here.

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