Ordinary door stops can be kind of boring -- and they don't always work
as well as we would like them to. With a Cat Scratching Door Stop you
will have a little added heft and a whole lotta cute to keep your door

 Cat Scratching Door StopCat Scratching Door Stop

This adorable kitty is made of cast iron so he is sturdy and weighty. He pretends to be sharpening his claws on your door and is probably the only cat to make this acceptable. And he won't be asking to go out, and in, and out, and in . . .  well, you know the drill. The door stop is just under 6 inches tall and weighs 1.2 pounds. 

 Stretching Kitty Door StopStretching Kitty Door Stop

If a scratching cat isn't quite your style then you can choose from a couple of other models. You can have a Stretching Kitty Door Stop or a Sitting Kitten Door Stop. If you are a crazy cat lady you could get all three and have them sitting decoratively at your interior doors.

 Sitting Kitten Door StopSitting Kitten Door Stop

To order a Cat Scratching Door Stop, click here. To order a Stretching Kitty Door Stop, click here. To order a Sitting Kitten Door Stop, click here.

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