A beloved pet dog named Lefty saved the lives of her human family when four armed intruders invaded her home. Brave and fearless Lefty lost a leg when she launched herself at a shotgun that was pointed directly at her owner.

Lefty Was In Bad Shape When She Arrived At The Hospital

When sweet and gentle Lefty was brought into the Atlantic Animal Hospital in Accomack County,  Virginia, she had just been hit with a bullet. According to DelmarvaNow.com, four intruders had entered Lefty's family home in the middle of the night last July 22nd, and one attempted to shoot the father of the family (whose name has not been released). Lefty went straight for him, putting herself between the muzzle of the gun and the owner, and the bullet struck her instead.(See: Cat Takes Bullet Meant For Three-Year-Old.)

Bleeding heavily and in shock, the shot shattered her right shoulder and humerus bone and blew away the muscle on her leg. Surgeons got to work immediately, but they were unable to save her leg. See: (Abigail The Pit Bull)


Sweet Lefty
Loyal Lefty

While Lefty had saved the lives of all the members of her family, they lost everything in the robbery and were now unable to pay the bills for her costly operation. The caring vets at the animal hospital posted a plea for help on their Facebook page. They said: "I f you could help her and her family pay for some of her surgical expenses, they would  be so grateful. They want to get her home as  soon as possible because the children are very afraid without her." (See: Sammy The Hero Dog.)


Lefty With Hospital Friend
Lefty And Friend

Lefty's remarkable story of love and loyalty inspired Facebook animal lovers and friends of the Atlantic Animal Hospital to come forward and help with the necessary funds to cover costs. Her sacrifice is not unlike other loving Pitt Bulls who have garnered unfair reputations over the years that must be dispelled.

Like human beings who are not socialized properly and treated with extreme cruelty, dogs raised in such a harsh environment do often turn out badly and are often vicious and dangerous around humans. But sweet Lefty proves  beyond the shadow of a the slightest doubt, that when treated with kindness, loyalty and dignity, Pit Bulls make loyal, brave and gentle pets that would sacrifice their very lives for their owner. (See: Brave Blind Dog Teaches Children To See.)

Here's to you, sweet Lefty.

Clink of glass.

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