With the way our economy is today, it is vital for us to save money in every way we can, because in reality, we don't have extra money laying around to throw away. I posted a review recently on a book written by Jenny Dean called the Ragdoll Kitten Care Guide (Click here to read it). Being that I liked her style of writing and her book layouts so much I decided to search for more books that she had written. I was pleased to see that she had a book on how to coupon.


Couponing for the BeginnerCouponing for the Beginner

I have read a fair share of couponing books before, but none are quite like this. First off, I have never encountered a book that had a section dedicated to pet products and how to score major deals on them. I like that this is an e-book, which means you can take it along with you on your phone or kindle, so whenever you are at the store and need to reference something you can do so. The book also shows you how to keep your coupons organized, which is a common complaint of beginner couponers. Another common complaint is the time that it takes, but don't worry, she is sure to cover that area as well. This book clearly lays out all the basics, even defining what a coupon is and the different types that are out there, which is something that many books skip over because they assume it is common knowledge.

A majority of people give up on couponing, simply because they don't understand basic concepts. When you don't understand the basics, it makes it hard to advance further in your 'couponing skills'. This book takes care of all of this and so much more. I am so happy that I have this book! It is the best book I have ever come across for couponing, and my pets surely enjoy the new goodies they get all the time, because we can now afford them with all the money we save from couponing!

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for the Uninitiated.



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