Visit Old San Juan, they said. You'll get some great pictures, they said... and were they ever right! OK, so just ONE of vacationer Tammy Ricks' holiday snaps has gone viral but in all likelihood that's one more than any of yours – and all credit goes to an anonymous green iguana.

As God is our witness we thought iguanas couldn't fly... yet here we have just that. Ricks (@roadlesstraveled11) posed for her photographer pal “CT” (@haveapassion) at one of Old San Juan's most famous landmarks – the garita (sentry box) at Castillo San Felipe del Morro – just as countless others have done for, well, since the invention of photography.

San Juan Iguana Photobombs Vacationer

As CT's thumb descended to click the shutter, however, an iguana decided to leap from one side of the wall to the other before scurrying away. Truly, Puerto Rico hasn't seen such a masterful display of aerial acrobatics since a certain American president lobbed packages of paper towels into an adoring, er, incredulous crowd of hurricane refugees.

Ricks and CT didn't realize what they'd captured until they reviewed the photos later on. “We were laughing because it was so funny,” related Ricks to Lonely Planet, “the iguana was the star of the photo at that point.” Iguana or not, the photo shows off the timeless beauty of Old San Juan. Ricks hopes this photo will help make people feel good about Puerto Rico and encourage them to vacation there too... there's no guarantee iguanas will photobomb your pics, however. (via My Modern Met)