There are dog stories and then there are dog stories. WAR DOG is a most unusual musical collaboration between the spirit of a brave marine lost in 2012 in Afghanistan, Sergeant Joshua Ashley, and his loving mother, Tammie; Sirius, the military war dog who was by his side when he died; a psychic medium and animal communicator named Vincent Genna and two musicians, Skip Haynes and Dana Walden. (See my article on new legislation for war dogs and handlers.)

Sergeant Ashley and Sirius

The Laurel Canyon Animal  Company

In operation since 1999, this unique California company  prides itself on being the only record label in the world that  creates  music exclusively for animals, especially dogs, and also the only one ever to utilize psychics to help channel the animals directly into the creative phase of the musical process. They claim that all of the songs produced have been chosen by the animals.

In the words of co-founder, Skip Haynes:"We'll take whatever the dog says and turn it into a song...We're trying to create a bridge between animals and human beings using music, because that's what we do...Each CD we produce is devoted to a particular kind of animal or species. Each track is devoted to a certain concern, situation or shared experience of the people who love these animals or the animals themselves. We utilize the writing, production and conceptual talents of animal-loving writers, producers, artists, communicators, musicians, poets—and of course, animals from all over the world." (See my article on TADSAW.)

The Birth of the War Dog Project

WAR DOG grew out of the way Haynes and Walden develop all their projects. First, they select the particular animal they want to work with and then the human communicator whom they believe will be able to best "read" the dog. Based on those findings, they write and produce songs. As far out as this sounds, it has worked so far, and when the pair heard the story of war dog, Sirius, they knew that was the next project they simply had to do. (See my article on Vets to Vets.)

The War Dog Project as Fund-Raiser

Fifty percent of all the net profits from WAR Dog are slated for two important military-focused charities. One of these, American Gold-Star Mothers Inc, has been in operation since 1928 in support of mothers of fallen soldiers. The United War Dogs Association is a notable charity as well, offering aid and resources for both active duty and retired war dogs. and their handlers and families. this project has the secondary goal of educating the public by telling the stories of the sacrifices made by military war dogs and their handlers. (See my article on Bengus; The Air-Force Dog.)

The Laurel Canyon Animal Company is determined to continue their mission of recognizing the loyalty of these brave animals and their ability to tell us things if we could only take the time to listen to them. If you need more information about this wonderful organization, contact: Skip Haynes, The Laurel Canyon Animal Company at: 323-822-1764.

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