Believe me, the couple who invented the CoyoteVest had a very good reason. San Diego is a canine-friendly city, but not when it comes to the dreaded coyote, feared because they are the number one threat to outdoor and off-leash pets. It's rare to find someone in the city or suburbs who doesn't know a dog or cat that's been attacked and/or killed by a coyote.

San Diego is just one of many cities in the U.S. that is experiencing an increase in coyotes, especially in the last 5 - 10 years, as warmer climates, fire, and floods move them from their natural habitats into the suburbs and even cities.

But if you have a small or medium size dog, a shy dog, one who cannot defend himself against a coyote, a larger dog, or just a gentle dog, you should consider buying the CoyoteVest to protect him. This will protect him at the park, the beach, and the backyard against coyotes, yes, but also against dogs who like to play rough, or just pick on older or less boistrous dogs.

Let's see what happens when the inventors, Paul and Pam Mott, use the vest on their own dog on "Poodle Day" in Carmel, California. (They invented the CoyoteVest because one of their pups fell prey to a coyote.)

The Standard Poodle wants to give the Mott's little guy a hard time, but has to keep his distance or he'll get a mouth full of spikes (They are plastic, but sharp!)




Here is the CoyoteVest closeup, in Neon Pink, size medium. This vest has snap-buckle closures at the waist and neck.





The vest itself is made from stab-resistant Kevlar®, studded with hard plastic spikes that are on Velcro® strips, so you can peel them off easily if you don't need them. The neckband has similar spikes, as 1) the neck is the most vulnerable area of an animal's body, and 2) that's the first place a coyote or other canine goes for when she attacks.

The Kevlar itself is protective against sharp canine teeth. You can see the Kevlar testing video below....



Now, the crazy looking whiskers you see on the dog below are sold separately. They are called CoyoteWhiskers.


CoyoteVest whiskers



There are several adaptations of the CoyoteVest on the website, that offer some accommodation to personal preferences. The color range is wide for both the Vest and the Whiskers, for example, but there are also some variations in the vest itself, as well as several different protective collars for dogs of all sizes.

Oh, and don't forget your kitties if they are outdoors. There's a "SpikeVest" for them too!

SpikeVest for Cats


And if you have other pets you want to protect, the CoyoteVest motto is: If the vest fits, wear it!





A sizing chart and video are located on the CoyoteVest website.Take it from someone who has had two dogs attacked by coyotes (Fortunately they survived after several days at the emergency animal hospital), you need to look into the CoyoteVest and its companion products if your pets face any danger from coyotes or other aggressive animals.


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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