A well-meaning Scottish jogger took time out from his regular run to help a little lost lamb return to the rest of its flock.

Lamb On The Lam Follows Jogger Back To Its Flock

Neither snow nor sheep will keep this kind-hearted Scotsman from his appointed jog... well, maybe just this once! After all, a baby lamb in distress – even if it IS the black sheep of the family – could stop most anyone in their tracks.  

The Scotsman in question was David Shanks, out for a jog on a cloudy (this being northeastern Scotland) afternoon. “I was running near Fettercairn in Aberdeenshire when I spotted what I initially thought was a dog at the end of the road,” explained Shanks. “When I got closer, the small black lamb trotted towards me, bleating. It had clearly escaped from its field and the flock had been taken in.” Dude seems to know a thing or two about sheep behavior.

Lamb On The Lam Follows Jogger Back To Its Flock

Shanks was definitely in the right place at the right time, at least from the perspective of the lamb. To quote the kind-hearted runner, “The little lamb followed me, chatting away for some time, so I decided to see if he would follow me back to the nearest farm where I'd seen a flock of black sheep on the road earlier.” Aye, Scotland, where men are men and sheep are... often on the road. Drive accordingly and use Highland-beams where necessary.

But we digress – this woolly tale has a happy ending and we'll let Shanks tell it from his POV: “Luckily, with a little coaxing the lamb trotted alongside me as I ran to the farmhouse where I was able to flag down a tractor. He then ran towards the farmer, who recognizing his lost sheep, scooped him up and returned him to his herd.” Hopefully his Mom won't tan his hide for going AWOL. Pictures don't do this close encounter of the baaad kind justice, so please visit these links to the video (part 1 and part 2) recorded by Shanks and posted at WENN.


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