ScaryPup Large Scary Teeth Muzzle

SpookyPup Scary Teeth Muzzle


Do dogs love Halloween?  Maybe some dogs do.  And some dogs enjoy being around a lot of kids, but others don't.  Keep that in mind, before you decide to include your dog in your Halloween celebration.  If you do include him, here are some dog-safe tips:

  • An all-dog Halloween party, wherever dogs assemble in your neighborhood, would be the most fun and, probably, the safest place for you and your pet on Halloween.
  • If your dog accompanies you Trick-or-Treating or stays home and greets Trick-or-Treaters at the door, keep your dog leashed.
  • If your dog is aggressive or shows aggression, take him away from others at this time. If he shows fear or barks a lot when he sees costumed youngsters or adults, take him home and keep him away from others.
  • Don't allow your dog to be approached until others, especially children, know how to approach her. If that seems okay, have a bag of healthy dog treats handy, in case the kids want to give her a treat.  Don't let your pet accept other food from anyone.

Have a happy and safe Halloween with your pets!


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