The Kyjen Company has made a niche for itself producing a line of plush interactive toys for dogs.  Do the toys test intelligence, as Kyjen implies in its marketing?  Well... they do keep dogs stimulated and encourage hunting and hiding behaviors, natural instincts of dogs.

The "Hide A" toys, as I call them, all contain small plush stuffed squeakers -- like squirrels, birds, or balls -- and they're much to a dog's delight.   They all fit in a soft plush container and your dog's challenge is to find them and take them all out of their 'homes.'  In the meantime, dogs tend to play with each one, squeaking each toy as loudly as possible (or so you think)... and then, hides the toys somewhere only they can find them. (Ever come home after a vacation with your dog and the first thing she does is go to the place she left her last treasure?)

Here's the Hide A Squirrel™, a very popular 'Hide A' Kyjen toy. And it comes in 3 sizes Junior to Jumbo!



The Hide A Bird™'s real cute!



And the Hide A Bee™ is Lady Bee's toy of choice, naturally.  You know, even the bees squeak!



Then there's the I Qube™ and the IntelliBone




Keep the 'Hide A's'  in mind for gifts as well as goodies for your own dogs.  They are well priced and offer a lot of fun for your pups.

And, in case you're wondering, your dogs are not expected to return the squeakers to their containers...   That's your job!


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