I bet some Jewish pet owners never considered what to feed their pets on Passover.  But there is one pet food company that has... Evanger's Dog & Cat Food Company.

Evanger's Kosher Pet FoodsEvanger's Kosher Pet Foods

The Jewish holiday that celebrates the freedom of the ancient Israelites from Egypt observes strict food laws, and any food that's even in one's house during the eight days of Passover must be approved by rabbinical councils.  But what about pet foods?

Evanger's Kosher Dog and Cat Foods are prepared according to the strict standards of Jewish law.  They are even Kosher for Passover.  They must be made with high quality ingredients (no fillers), they cannot mix meat and dairy products, and for Passover, they may not contain any grains or leavening.

Evanger's range of Kosher dog and cat foods is vast.  Enough for more than a month's variety of different meals. And I found two pages of pet food review sites that all give Evanger's Pet Food five-star ratings.

You don't have to be a Jewish cat or dog to love Evanger's Pet Food.You can buy Evanger's Pet Food  here.

Evanger's Dog & Cat Food Company via The Baltimore Sun

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