A furry koala in search of knowledge AND shelter spent the night on a technical school's sofa after sneaking in the previous evening.

Koala Found Inside School Wants To Be Teacher's Pet

Only students with the right qualifications can enroll at Cobden Technical School and being “koalafied” just doesn't cut it. This was made plain to one very “classy” koala after the early morning cleaning crew discovered the cuddly critter perched upon a sofa after apparently spending the night indoors.

Cobden Technical School is located in the town of Cobden, located about 125 miles (204 km) southwest of Melbourne in Australia's state of Victoria. Koalas are native to the region and in fact, a koala had been spotted near the school's rose garden several times this year.

Koala Found Inside School Wants To Be Teacher's Pet

“I thought we'd been broken into,” explained Fran Clarke, who works in the school administration. “Sitting up right on the couch was the koala. He didn't want to leave.”

Mrs Clarke went on to say their unexpected visitor must have entered the school sometime the previous evening. Security was called the next morning to coax the koala back to the wild. “He did do a bit of grunting when he left,” added Clarke. Sounds like a typical student to us! (via The Standard)


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