When I spotted the KittySpring water fountain on Kickstarter, I slapped my palm to my head and yelled "Yes, I really do need that!"  Obviously, the KittySpring was designed to meet the needs of a frustrated (and dehydrated) cat, much like our own cats!

KittySpring Water Fountain


"Seeing that I wasn't getting the hydration I needed, my owners surprised me one day with a new water fountain, designed just for me and cats like me who need fresh water that's super easy to drink and even kind of fun.... The KittySpring! It's now on Kickstarter so you can order one for your cats in advance of everyone else who'll soon be sorry they didn't order one when you did!"



Simple, yet elegant, like the best inventions, KittySpring doesn't employ electricity or battery power to move water from its container into the bowl. It's made to hold only two days of water (16 ounces) that becomes available to your cat by sheer gravity. When your cat drinks, the water in the tank sinks, goes through a metal (washable) filter right into the bowl. Aha, you say, but there are plenty of pet water fountains that use gravity to refill water dishes....

Yes, there are. But take a look at the water bowl. The KittySpring bowl is shallow like a stream where wild cats go to drink water. There's plenty of room for your kitty's whiskers, and the bowl is almost flat, so your (lazy) house cat doesn't even have to get up off his haunches to drink! A nice wide water bowl gives your kitty plenty of room for her sensitive whiskers, which don't like to be stressed by water or food bowls that are restrictive. 




The bottle, which screws into the base, only holds 16 ounces of water and that's for a reason. Standing water gets stale and cats don't like stale water. (Will you even drink water that's been left out overnight?) And your cat knows that it's stale. In fact, KittySpring's inventor came up with this design because his cat was dehydrated and suffered from liver problems!


KittySpring Fountain

And this is a no-hassle water fountain for you too! Just a few elegant pieces that come apart easily, are easily washed, and sit with stability when connected.... There's just no better drinking fountain out there for your cat. So get yours early by signing up right now at the KittySpring Fountain Kickstarter page here.


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