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The question is: will you have more fun putting these together, or will your cat have more fun playing in them?

BOXKITTY is a collection of square and triangular corrugated cardboard cut-outs that can be cleverly put together to design hideouts and hangouts for your cats.

The squares are 15 x 15 inches for the floors and 15.5 inch squares for the walls; triangles are 15 x 10 inches. Two-inch pink hook-and-loop tabs hold the pieces together. The sections have various size holes arranged to give kitty the ability to hide and seek as she plays. Or just rest.

The arrangement below is called the Big Ben for obvious reasons....




... but its walls can be set up in a variety of ways.


BOXKITTY Modular Cat House


If you would like to induge, you can get the castle version of BOXKITTY Modular Cat House, coincidentally called "the Castle," which has even more potential for variety.


Boxkitty modular cat house

BOXKITTY Modular Cat House - Castle

Make them any way you like!



The BOXKITTY parts are made of very strong coated corrugated cardboard, resistant to a variety of household accidents....




And there are so many ways you can set them up!




BOXKITTY "Kitty Says Relax" is one of the cleverest cat condos I've seen!


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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