Our cats love to interrupt us when we dare to open a book and will curl
up there if we are not vigilant. With these Kitty Cat Post-It Bookmarks
you will welcome cats onto the pages of your book to keep track of where
you left off, make notes, or mark passages you wish to return to.

 Kitty Cat Post-It BookmarksKitty Cat Post-It Bookmarks

There are 8 different fun little kitties and there are 30 of each of them. That's 240 kitty stickies to help you read, study, or research. Whatever you need to mark in a book or manuscript, these kitties will save your place. Their colorful cuteness will brighten your days.

Kitty Cat Post-It BookmarksKitty Cat Post-It Bookmarks

To order your own Kitty Cat Post-It Bookmarks, or some for the cat lover of your choice, click here.

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