the Kitten Lady animal activist
Hannah Shaw, the Kitten Lady  (image via Kitten Lady FB)


Orphaned kittens have a hero in Hannah Shaw, aka the Kitten Lady. Through her tireless efforts, Shaw, "a kitten rescuer, humane educator and unwavering animal advocate who has dedicated her life to finding innovative ways to protect animals," has amassed a viral social media following that's helping to change the way the tiniest felines are treated and viewed globally.

Kitten Lady Inc.

Along with her partner Andrew Marttila, the two have created an organization known as Kitten Lady Inc, which the dynamic duo also operate. It provides rescue and adoption services to orphaned kittens in the Washington DC area.

Shaw has become so successful in her calling that she's been featured in such publications as People and Cosmo, she's been a guest expert on Animal Planet's My Cat from Hell, and this year she was awarded the Advocate of the Year award by CatCon Worldwide. She's a busy lady.


While all of her hard work has helped to make a name for her, it's her social media presence that's facilitated her rescue efforts to go viral. Her Instagram account, @kittenlady, has attracted a whopping 529k followers, and the pictures she posts make it easy to understand why. But the account's popularity isn't just about adorable images of fluffy kittens — they are undeniably cute, though.


Her social media popularity is also about the content she posts, like with her Kitten Lady Facebook page, where she has well over 200,000 followers and provides updates on global situations concerning her cause, opinion pieces that prove she's not afraid to sound off when she feels it's warranted, and information regarding feline health and adoptions.


Yup, video plays a large part in getting Shaw's message out, too. That's why she started her own YouTube channel. Viewers that tune in can find fun and instructional videos covering a myriad of topics there such as how to safely feed a newborn or care for a paralyzed kitten.

Kitten Lady Workshops

Like all this isn't enough to keep her busy full-time, the "neonatal kitten warrior" also conducts workshops, like the one that's coming up on November 19 in New York City discussing how to save the lives of kittens, which is being held at the Meow Parlour, NYC's cat cafe.

For more information about this event, or if you're interested in attending one of her other events, you can check out dates and availability at