Cat hair on your drying rack? It's more likely than you think, and it's even more likely there's an actual cat attached. It may seem strange that pets who despise baths like to hang out – literally – in a place where running water's just a paw's length away but as owners know all too well, when it comes to cats, “strange” is the new normal.  



10) What's Fur Dinner?

The Top 10 Dish Rack Cats

“Dish Rack Cats, play clean as country water. Dish Rack Cats, play wild as mountain dew.” A little Mtn Dew in Darit's water bowl might just be what's needed to perk up this overly relaxed feline. (Dish Rack Cat image via Foggy Bummer)  



9) Rack Cat Crosses Your Path

This cat's perfectly positioned to lick each dirty dish clean, not that there's anything wrong with that... wait a minute, there's a LOT wrong with that. Regardless, and much like Honey Badger, Rack Cat just don't care. (Dish Rack Cat image via General Wesc)



8) Trusted & Busted!

Why was Joe snoozing in the dish rack? According to this cat's owner, “We had never seen Joe in there before and we haven't seen him there since. We don't really know what he was thinking. Well, probably nothing, he's a cat.” Don't you see, oblivious human, that's exactly what Joe WANTS you to think! (Dish Rack Cat image via Bethtelsmom)



7) Occupy Dish Rack!

We're not sure what Mr. B (aka Bubba) is protesting but you can't fault his determination. Maybe his dish DNS (denial of service) is meant to goad his owners into buying a dishwasher. (Dish Rack Cat image via Elipson)



6) It's The Wood That Makes It Good

The Top 10 Dish Rack Cats

Day 34 - owner still thinks I'm part of the drying rack. Indeed, having fur the color of wood brings about certain benefits though being buried under a mountain of dripping dishes surely can't be one of them. (Dish Rack Cat image via Devlyn)



5) TRIXIE 5-in-1 Activity Center

Tired of your cat treating your dish rack like an activity center? Then get yourself to and get a cat activity center that looks like a dish rack! Bonus: if Miss Fluffernutter acts up you can always dry your dishes in her activity center. (Dish Rack Cat image via



4) Sleepin' Wit Da Dishes

The Top 10 Dish Rack Cats

Cinnamon here is probably dreaming of some enormous beast she's slain and eaten, then turned the creature's picked-clean ribcage into a supportive, ventilated bunk. We're not sure how the green plastic tumbler figures into the equation but we would not attempt to remove - we LIKE having a right hand. (Dish Rack Cat image via magdalena_b)



3) Where There's Smoke, There's NO Dishes

The Top 10 Dish Rack Cats

Mmm, muffins... tuna muffins, mmm... wait, what? A cat can dream , can't it? And if it can't, then he'll just jump in the dish rack until his owner wises up. And if that doesn't work, he'll hold his breath and count to tray. (Dish Rack Cat image via Luca Masters)



2) Out At The Plate(s)

The Top 10 Dish Rack Cats

Seriously, that can't be comfortable... then again, if it wasn't comfortable we guess he wouldn't be there. Cats can be weird sometimes, and by "sometimes" we mean ALL of the time. (Dish Rack Cat image via egon)



1) Mighty Thor

The Top 10 Dish Rack Cats

Hey, you'd be mighty thor, er, sore too if you spent the night in the dish rack after getting hammered with the guys. Still, it's better than the doghouse... especially if you're a cat. (Dish Rack Cat image via Layla Wytch)



What possesses cats to make like a plate, taking to the rack like a masochistic medieval miscreant? Don't ask, don't tell, and don't mess with him, he's got a knife... and a spoon and a fork, for good measure. (Dish Rack Cat images via 1Koolkat, top, and CHEEZburger, above)

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