Kitten Fur is a new perfume from a New York-based fragrance company that recreates the cloying aroma of a tiny kitten and makes you smell just as nice.

Kitten Fur Perfume Is The Essence Of Pet Scents

Sure, kittens are cute and all and we guess they smell nice but who knew PEOPLE wanted to exude the same scent? Evidently Demeter Fragrance Library did, and even more surprisingly they've been working on this for quite some time... a decade and a half to be exact.

“Now after 15 years of effort,” states the copy at the company's product page, “Demeter has captured the olfactory essence of the warmth and comfort of that purrfect spot, just behind a kitten's neck.” Geez, even the Manhattan Project didn't spend that much time and effort (but their ultimate product bombed in the marketplace).


Kitten Fur Perfume Is The Essence Of Pet Scents

Perusing Demeter's website we note that Kitten Fur perfume is available in a variety of sizes and prices. Those unsure of such an odd fragrance might begin with a .10-ounce cologne spray vial sampler for just $3 while adherents of animalistic aromas can splurge for a 4-ounce cologne spray costing $39.50. Any experienced fragrance aficionado can tell you those prices are rather economical, all things considered.

If Kitten Fur doesn't strike you fancy, fear not – Demeter Fragrance Library offers over 300 distinctive offbeat perfumes including Crayon, Fuzzy Navel (the cocktail – we hope), and Turpentine. Some folks will do just about anything to stand out from the crowd.