A Russian policeman who spied a dog eager to cross a busy thoroughfare made sure traffic stopped to let the pedestrian pooch pass unimpeded.

Kind Russian Policeman Helps Dog Cross Road Safely

Russian cats can successfully use crosswalks but what if there's no crosswalk... and what if the cat is a dog? In this particular case, the canine proves they're just as clever – maybe even more so – than the aforementioned feline by getting a human to part the Red street.

As can be seen in this half-minute-long video posted at English Russia, the pup is waiting pensively at the roadside with heavy traffic flowing by.   

Kind Russian Policeman Helps Dog Cross Road Safely

A policeman notices his predicament, gets out of his parked patrol car, and walks out into the roadway ahead of the dog. When traffic stops at the constable's command, the dog tentatively begins to trot across, displaying a noticeable limp as he does so.

The dog appears to hesitate but continues its crossing after the policeman gives a gently wave of his arm. Mission accomplished, the policeman returns to his car as the dog reaches the opposite roadside and beyond. Good dog... and good cop too!