Kilo is truly man's best friend and he laid his life on the line for his owner when he lunged at an intruder and was shot in the head during a home invasion.

It all happened about two weeks ago. There was a knock at the door of Justin Becker's Staten Island home just as he and his girlfriend were returning from some errands. A man who was dressed in a Fed-Ex delivery uniform told Justin that his scanner wasn't working and asked if he could borrow a pen to sign for a package. Barely two minutes later, everything happened; a gun was drawn and  a home invasion was in full swing. Kilo jumped into action and attacked the thug, taking a bullet in the head to save the life of his owner. (See: Lefty the Pit Bull.)

Kilo Makes A Complete Recovery

The intruder struggled free and ran off, and Justin  turned his attentions to his poor dog. He rushed him to the South Shore Animal Hospital, where an x-ray indicated that the bullet had not penetrated Kilo's skull.  According to The New York Post, the bullet ricocheted off the dog's skull and traveled  straight down and exited at his neck. Kilo was very lucky and miraculously, vets saved his life. He was up and going for walks just three days after he was shot. (See: Abigail the Pit Bull.)


Kilo In Recovery
Photo Credit: Steve White

In the words  of veterinarian, Dr. Greg Panarello: "This is like one in a million. He's very lucky. The bone had not been fractured, and Kilo dd not appear to have suffered any brain injury." The dog had some swelling and was sent home with pain-killers and antibiotics. He also had to  wear a cone around his neck to restrict movement.  The New York Post also stated that the clinic staff drew and 'S' for superhero on top of the bandage. (See: Dog Attacks Suicide Bomber.)

Although the  vet bill was hefty and came to more than $2,000, Becker claims it was all worth it because they saved Kilo's life.   In the end, a local passionate inventor and pet advocate picked up the bill for the loyal Pit Bull. (See: Binky The Hero Cat.)

And so another Pit Bull proves his mettle by saving his family from a home invasion.  Kilo, as so many of his ilk, has suffered terribly from a bad reputation he did nothing to deserve. Just as human beings who are treated cruelly and are abused as children often grow up to be abusers themselves, dogs that are not properly socialized and subjected to extreme cruelty are not exposed to human kindness and can turn on them. Remember too that in their own special way:

 Pitties rule!

Kudos to you Kilo. Good job!

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