'Kid Of The Year' Is A Dog Whisperer For 2000 Dogs & Cats

It's an arduous task for an adult to save 2000 dogs and cats.  However, for a 7-yr old, it's a monumental chore. The hero of this blog is Roman McConn hailing from Evans, Georgia. At the ripe old age of four, he set a goal to save as many unwanted animals he could find. To date, he and an animal advocacy his family started rescued 2000 dogs and cats from euthanasia.

Shelter Dogs & Cats

With the help of his Mom, Jen, Roman seeks out shelter dogs and cats. Mom then films Roman, and follows up by posting his videos on their Facebook page. He's a real "dog whisperer" to an appreciative shelter staff. These videos highlight Roman's engaging tactics and according to his family, "showcase the pets' personalities."

According to Roman, he does this because “dogs don’t need to be in a shelter, they need to do things.”

Project Freedom Ride

Roman and Mom established Project Freedom Ride in 2016 to connect these abandoned dogs and cats who may otherwise be at risk of euthanasia in Texas and Georgia [where centers are predominantly "kill shelters"]. They provide their rescue partners with funding assistance, networking, and adoption assistance and give the unwanted a second chance at finding a 'forever home.'

How it Works

Once 'saved,' these rescue dogs and cats are either placed up for “Direct Adoption” or “Transferred” to a rescue or shelter.

To consider adoption, you can visit their Facebook page or website to pick out a dog or cat you're interested in. You will then complete an application with that rescue and go through a series of reference checks and a Facetime or Skype interview. Once finalized, PFR will arrange for the transportation of your new companion to your part of the country (some of the travel expenses may be required based on need and distances).

Named 'Kid of the Year'

Roman’s love and commitment to the most unwanted animals is written all over his face.  According to his Mom, “he lights up like a Christmas tree,” whenever he learns that another animal has found their forever home.  He certainly is inspiring and it’s easy to see why he was named 'Kid of the Year' by the ASPCA.

According to the ASPCA, "this year, we proudly honored seven-year-old Roman McConn for his compassion for vulnerable animals and his commitment to advocating for them well beyond his years."


Transports can cost PFR between $5,000 - $15,000 each depending on the number of dogs and the locations.  Without donors' support, Roman would not be able to save this extraordinary number of pets.

If you would like to assist Roman and Project Freedom Ride with funding that will cover these expenses, you can donate here, and you can communicate with them at projectfreedomride@yahoo.com

Primary Source: Project Freedom Ride