A 10-year-old surfer riding the waves north of Sydney, Australia was photo-bombed by an 8-foot-long Great White Shark.

Kid Surfer Shredding Waves Nearly Shredded By Great White Shark

Young Eden Hasson had surfed long enough to know when something wasn't right. The 10-year-old was riding the waves off Samurai Beach at Port Stephens, 180 km (about 110 miles) north of Sydney when he felt a tug on his leg rope. Figuring he'd run into a small patch of seaweed, Hasson paid it no mind as he maintained his footing on the slippery surfboard. A good thing he did, as it turned out!

Kid Surfer Shredding Waves Nearly Shredded By Great White Shark

As Eden's dad Chris was snapping away from the shore, the father of three noticed something unusual in the water just ahead of Eden. Zooming in, he was shocked to see the unmistakable toothy grin of a shark! Upon studying Hasson's photo, shark researcher Dr. Andrew Chin of James Cook University confirmed the shark was possibly a small (roughly 8 feet long) Great White.

Sharks have been spotted more often in the sea off Port Stephens, and in 2015 a Great White Shark attacked and killed a Japanese tourist. One would think this latest incident might put people off surfing in the area but the Hassons are unfazed. “Everyone’s back to business,” stated Chris. “It's too good a lifestyle sport not to.”