Keep Your Pets Hydrated: Cats need between 2 and 4 oz. of water dailyKeep Your Pets Hydrated: Cats need between 2 and 4 oz. of water daily


Do you have a finicky cat that seems to turn its nose up at its water bowl more often than not? You’re not alone. A lot of cats behave this way. You may think it’s only a big deal during warmer months, but that’s not true. Keeping your cat hydrated and healthy isn’t just a summer objective. It’s important year round. So, what can you do about it? Here are some suggestions to ensure that your cat receives the proper amount of hydration in its life every day.

Tips for Keeping Cats Hydrated

You might not be aware of this but, depending on their weight and diet, cats should be drinking between two and four ounces of water every day. In order to facilitate this goal, make sure and provide your feline with fresh water daily. That means discarding any leftover water from the day before and starting fresh each morning. That will keep it from getting stale or full of contaminants that might be keeping your cat from drinking it. If he or she still isn’t interested in it, try using filtered water instead of tap.


 Tips for Keeping Cats Hydrated: Change their water dailyTips for Keeping Cats Hydrated: Change their water daily


Cat Food & Diet

Cats that eat predominantly wet food may not require as much water as those on a dry food diet. There’s no reason you can’t add a little water to their food each day, wet or dry, to provide a little more hydration into their systems. Stir it in and mix thoroughly before placing it in front of them. With dry food, the addition of a small amount of water can create a gravy-like result your cat may enjoy. Because it can spoil, it’s super important to dispose of any uneaten portions in a timely manner.

Water Bowl Tips

Cats can be awfully persnickety. Unlike dogs (that haven’t been spoiled rotten), they can have all sorts of odd preferences that, if not met, will keep them from being interested in food, water, play or sleep environments. The bowls they receive their diet and hydration in should be washed regularly and rinsed well before being filled. Some cats seem to prefer ceramic or metal bowls over plastic dishes. Others may not like their food and water in double feeders where the two dishes set side by side.


Pet Safety Tips: Is your cat getting enough water?Pet Safety Tips: Is your cat getting enough water?


Drinking from the Toilet

Some cats, no matter how much rigmarole you go through, refuse to get with the program and drink the perfectly good, sparkling fresh water you provide. These cats are often caught trying to drink water droplets right from the tap or straight out of the toilet. Either way, it’s nothing you want going on. I used to have a small Zen-like water fountain on a pedestal in my living room and, no matter what, my cat would stretch its body as far as it could and drink out of it or the toilet.


Cat Water Fountain with Frog by Felinicity: Entice your cat to drink more waterCat Water Fountain with Frog by Felinicity: Entice your cat to drink more water


Pet Water Fountains

I finally figured out it was the cool, moving water that was attracting him to these sources and making him ignore his water bowl. That’s when I got a pet water fountain that dispenses flowing water as they drink. If your cat has exhibited this behavior, try getting one and see if it makes a difference. Places like PetSmart, Chewy, Amazon and Pet Supermarket carry a wide variety of water fountains for dogs and cats that come in different styles and sizes. One of them is bound to fit your pet needs and décor.

Pet Water Cooler Dispensers

Another idea is pet water dispensers based on the water cooler premise used in homes and offices. These are great for multiple pets and ensuring that they have water all throughout the day, especially if you have one pet that’s always thirstier or more active than the others. They also come in handy if you’re going away for a night or two and leaving your cat or cats sans a sitter. Like pet water fountains, they can be found at any of the pet supply carriers listed above.


Pet Water Dispenser on Amazon: Keep pets hydrated year roundPet Water Dispenser on Amazon: Keep pets hydrated year round


Checking for Dehydration

Finally, if you’re unsure just how much your cat really drinks, put in a measured amount of water each day in whatever type of bowl or dispenser you’re using and keep an eye on it that way. It will give you a better idea of just how hydrated or dehydrated your pet is. If you’re genuinely concerned about dehydration, gently grab the skin and fur between their shoulder blades and pull up on it and then let go. If it sinks back immediately, chances are they’re good on water. If it takes a while to slowly fall back into place they could be dehydrated. Consult your vet if this occurs.

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