Naming a bloodhound is a ‘ruff’ decision for the Sheriff in Beaufort, South Carolina. So much so, he’s turned to a select group of folks who ironically can’t vote in the state. Yup! Residents who are exceedingly younger than 18 years of age are in charge of choosing the canine's moniker. The police department is awarding elementary school children the honor of naming the Sheriff’s 6-month-old bloodhound.

Joining the Team . . .

This female bloodhound pooch will serve as a member of the police’s ‘Bloodhound Tracking Team.’ The bloodhounds' job responsibilities is to aid in locating lost or missing persons, in addition to fleeing fugitives.

"The dog will be used for tracking, which is if you have a missing person or if you have anybody involved in any criminal activity . . . where there's a lead . . . and [you can] have the dog track for a location on them," said Captain Alfredo Givens, Beaufort County Sheriff's Office.

To kick-start this initiative, she will make the rounds of all the public and private elementary schools in Beaufort County.

Six Names

The schools were provided with a list of six names to choose from: Sandy, May, Tabby, Starr, Josie or Nosie. Those names received the most preliminary votes. The new K9 made her debut at Robert Smalls Elementary School in late November.

Voting has already begun and will continue through the end of the school day on Thursday, December 7th and we plan to announce the winning name on December 8th.

School administrators have agreed to submit the votes from their respective elementary schools to the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office, where the votes and results will be tallied.

Previously . . .

This naming campaign had a precedent. In 2011, students from Aiken County elementary schools submitted names to help in their Pin the Pups Name Contest. The six names they selected were Hunter, Diesel, Beau, Cloe, Casey and Frankie.

And low and behold the winning moniker was “Frankie.” The popularity of that name grew in tribute to the memory of Lt. Michael Frank, who was killed in an accident three years prior.

YouTube Star

For those in Beaufort county who have children in elementary schools, here’s hoping you will prompt your kids to get out the vote. This is a dog-gone fun initiative. Check out how our bloodhound is delighting the students. It’s priceless!

By the way, I kind of like the name "Nosie." It's kind of a great fit for a "bloodhound," don't you think?

Primary Source: Sheriff’s Kids Naming Bloodhound