Your puppy will always be the cutest dog in the universe, but if you really want to get family and friends talking, consider decking out Bowser in these stylish and modern dog accessories:

Chilly Dog Sweaters



I can’t speak for your doggie, but Scribbles, my Yorkie buddy, absolutely loves her sweaters. If you’ve got a dog who appreciates the snuggly warmth that a well-knitted sweater provides, you might as well show off your personalities at the same time! Scribbles is a cutie, but she’s so tough, she could easily rock Chilly Dog’s Squirrel sweater. Why? For the same reason fighter pilots drew marks on the side of the plane for each target they’ve taken down…

Hip Doggie



While Hip Doggie makes a wide variety of great toys, coats and other goodies, I’m especially impressed with their colorful ultra comfort mesh harnesses. Jessie, my golden retriever, is a huge beast of a dog and when she runs, I’m always concerned about whether or not she’s comfortable. Not only will my golden behemoth feel good in her harness, she’ll look good while wearing my favorite color!



Made of genuine leather, these LuxeMutt collars add a special spark of class on your daily walks. I’m a big fan of the rainbow of options and styles, as I’m sure that there’s a collar for everyone here. Is your dog more likely to lean more towards wearing a “bowtie” or “Rosalicious” styled collar?

Not that your canine friends need any help to look fabulous, but these stylish accessories are like the sprinkles on ice cream. You’ll always love the ice cream, but the sprinkles just made it that much sweeter! You can grab all of these goods at, as well as their respective storefronts. Keep looking good, dog lovers!

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