Small pets, and all cats, love to be cuddled.  Even members of the parrot family love to be close to you, once trained. Here are a few hoodies with cozy pockets just for your cuddle bunny, or cat, or dog, or ferret or...


Women's Mewgaroo Pet Holder Hoodie

       Women's Mewgaroo Pet Holder Hoodie - Cat Ear Hooded Sweatshirt


The Mewgaroo Women's Pet Holder Hoodie is indiscreetly designed for a cat, what with the cat ear hoodie and paw covered sleeve, but it will hold other small pets too. It comes in gray, white, and black. Customers suggest it runs a bit small, so buy a size up. They give the Mewgaroo high reviews.

The cats shown above in the pockets are fairly large to walk around with, so it looks like pets about 5 -7 pounds or smaller would fit best. A grown cat may be able to fit his lower half in the pocket.  I like it for holding a cat in my pocket next to my tummy while I work on my computer, so he doesn't sprawl across the keyboard while I'm trying to type.

Note, the Mewgaroo has an outside pocket, so you never have to be without your cell phone or pet treats. The pet pocket also has a removable lining which you can wash separately from the sweatshirt itself.


Saianke Women's Hoodie Pet Holder

SAIANKE Womens Hoodies Pet Holder


The Saianke versions of the pet holder hoodie come in a variety of colors and even have some sleeveless options (see image above).  The Saianke has pockets for your personal items on both sides of the pet pocket that, by the way, has a soft faux fur lining for your baby. Customers advise to get one or two sizes larger than you normally wear

Again, this hoodie is not likely to hold more than a 5 to 7 pound pet. The Saianke version has a snap closure and rope tightener to keep your pet from falling out, but it may not keep her from jumping out.


VincentDeep Unisex Cat Ear Big Kangaroo Pouch Hoodie Long Sleeve Pet Holder Carrier Sweatshirt

VincentDeep Unisex Big Kangaroo Pouch Hoodie


The VincentDeep has the deep pockets. It is also unisex. And, of the three kangaroo style carrier hoodies presented here, it has the strongest reviews, although the three are all reviewed well generally. 

The styling is superior, with a snap closure that makes your pet more secure.  One of the customers reported that the hoodie is cotton material with fleece, presumably cotton fleece, lining. That makes the sweatshirt more comfortable, as cotton breathes better than other fabrics.

This hoodie comes in red (above), black, dark gray, light gray, and pink and is sized from small to xxx-large.  Again, customers say it's best to order a size large than you would ordinarily.

Even though the pockets are larger than the others, carrying a pet larger than 5 to 7 pounds in this hoodie will still put a strain on your neck.  Though a larger dog or cat might fit in the VincentDeep Unisex Big Kangaroo Pouch Hoodie, you will probably just be able to sit or lie down with the pet inside.


Knowing the Japanese love for the cat, you can appreciate that the above hoodies all have cat symbols all over them, especially the pointy cat ears on the hoods.  Even if you happen to have a dog or a ferret, you have to admit, these hoodies are cute and practical.


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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